4 Proven To Work Facebook Advertising Strategies To Effectively Market To Your Prospective Customers

With more than 500 million active users (and counting) in Facebook, there is a huge chance that you can reach out to tens of thousands (or even millions) of prospective customers worldwide (in the niche that you are in) in Facebook.Provided that you market to these prospective customers the right way, you will be able to generate massive amounts of profits simply by using this one single social networking platform to market your products and services.While there are many different ways you can market to prospective customers via Facebook, the fastest way to drive massive amounts of traffic to your website, or product page in the shortest time possible is through Facebook advertising.In this article, I will be sharing with you 4 Facebook advertising strategies that will allow you to effectively market to your prospective customers for massive profits.

1. Properly Target Your Prospective CustomersWhen marketing to prospective customers via Facebook advertising, you do not target based on keywords (like Google AdWords). Rather, you target based on demographics – Such as age group, gender, hobbies and interests, countries, educational levels, income levels, etc.If you want to get maximum results from your marketing efforts using Facebook ads, you need to properly find out your prospective customers’ demographics before you create your Facebook ad campaign to get prospective customers.2. Crafting That Attractive & Compelling Ad TextBased on your ad text, your prospective customers will decide whether or not to click on it to find out more.With so many other ads they will also see, you need to craft that attractive and compelling ad text that is capable of grabbing them by their eyeballs and get them to click on it (instead of other ads).When it comes to crafting that compelling ad text, one effective way is to highlight one single best benefit your prospective customers will be able to gain from by clicking on your ad.3. A Picture Speaks A Thousand WordsHeard of the saying above? What you want to do here is to also have a picture (that is related to your ad) that accompanies the ad text.It has been proven that ads which have a picture gets more clicks compared to those that do not.4. Clear & Focused Website

Your work doesn’t stop at ad creation. You won’t be able to generate any profits whenever someone clicks on your ads. Rather, you will only generate profits whenever someone makes a purchase after clicking on your ads.Therefore, the website which you lead your prospective customers to, after clicking on your ad, is important as it will determine whether or not you will be able to generate that massive profits you’ve always desire.You should make sure that the website is clear and focused – Where you highlight the ultimate benefits of the products and services that you are selling (or promoting), along with a clear call to action to get them to make a purchase immediately (not hours later, not days later, not weeks later and certainly, not months or years later).